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Corporate and Team Headshots
What to Expect During Group Headshot Sessions

 Don't want the stress of organizing headshots for a large number of employees?
I’m here to help. There are two easy options for you to choose from. 
1. Book a full day/hourly time slot and allow employees to drop in for their headshot at their leisure. 

2. A private signup page that is broken down into individual time slots so each employee can schedule a specific time that works best for them. 

Want to know what the backdrop options are?
I offer a variety of backdrop color options or we can opt for a more environmental shot using the backdrop your location may offer.

How long does a typical session take?

When photographing large groups, the average session is 15-20 minutes per individual. 

How many digital images will each employee receive?
1-2 fully retouched images are included in the price of each individual. 

Curious about how selecting the final photos is handled?
That's up to you! I offer two options. 
1. All images can be combined into a single proofing gallery and sent to a specific individual for evaluation. 
2. Individual proofing galleries can be sent to each employee so that they can choose whichever images they prefer. 

Where do group bookings take place?
Typically group headshot bookings take place on-site at your location. 

What is the minimum number of individuals required for a group booking?
The minimum headcount for any group booking is 4 individuals. 




Group Headshot Session Pricing
1-9 Individuals: $110 per person
10-29 Individuals: $100 per person
30+ Individuals: $90 per person 

On-Site Backdrop Setup Options & Pricing
Environmental Lighting Setup: $100
1 Color Studio Backdrop & Lighting Setup: $150 
2-3 Color Studio Backdrops & Lighting Setup: $200

Additional fees may include day-of-assistant, travel fees, etc. 
All sales are subject to PA 6% sales tax. 
Interested in receiving a free quote? 
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